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EX Weekend 2019 - Virginia Beach

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I had the great pleasure of ferrying Daniella and Jennifer from the airport to the hotel this afternoon. There were folks in the lobby from EX, people in the parking lot from EX, and probably people elsewhere from EX. Donna (DJ), elvan, Barb102, and a whole bunch of others whose name I can't remember right now were some of the people I met. I… (Show more)
I am so excited to FINALLY get to go to an Ex Reunion!  I just was reading my email and saw the new spreadsheet.  Company arriving here tonight and will be here till the 14th then we have a couple days to recover, then Virginia Beach here we ( Hubby ) come! Hootie-Hoot!
Thanks, Mark.  Are we going to see you in Virginia Beach tomorrow?
I can't see to find the spreadsheet and want to offer to pick up at the airport on Thursday.   Can someone send it to me again? Strudel   Donna
Click to view contentSee Strudel's Blog:  Reserve your room for EX 7 ASAP!         Come one come all!
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