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Try try again

Question asked by Swanbird on Nov 24, 2019
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So I quit for 5 days never thought I could even do that but did.  Now I am reading again the info here and that book everybody told me to get by Allen Carr which seems to helping alot.  I set up a new quit date but had an excuse not to do it.  I'm trying again this week not saying when because when I do it I'll do it.  I will come for support as this is a great place to get it.  Thank you all for all your advice whether you know you gave it or not.  I never had any idea what I was up against until I came on this site.  Good and bad really.  Some of the advice makes me feel confident and others scare me. Try try again that's all I can do.  And tomorrow I will finish that book and hopefully be strong enough to do it!