Support, Support, Support!

Discussion created by hillaryshea on Apr 29, 2019
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We all remember the line from Grease - 

"If you can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter!"

I still chuckle when I hear that line. But it makes me think of how everyone needs support at some time in their life. Whether you're running a race and in need of a cheering section or you're attempting to quit smoking and need someone to turn to when the road gets rocky- we all need someone to support and encourage us. 


I've been incredibly fortunate to have so many people come around and support me throughout not only my quit, but in other areas of my life where I've needed them- like through my divorce. From friends to family to the members of this INCREDIBLE community, I feel INSANELY blessed. So I've included a few pictures of all the people who have come along side me in this journey! 



Who is your support? Who's cheering you on? Is it someone in this community or is it a close friend (or both)? Share your story and if you want, pictures, below!