Happy Endings

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Sep 19, 2018

Isn't that what we all want? To just be happy...why can't we all just get along.? What does this have to do with smoking, you ask? Well some will relate.


Theres a huge flux of individuals in our personal lives as well as here on Ex and the sooner you realize that you can;t please everyone the better off you will be . Don't take things so personally folks. Not just here but everywhere. It can drive you to smoke.


Take texting for instance ,....I am ready to throw it out. Call me old fashioned, ( I'm 60) I don't give a rip. Really, just call me okay.? I don't mind texting  but some take things out of context , get bent out of shape too and its an negative situation  Does anyone else get this? Maybe it is just me; When this iPhone I have dies, I am going back to simple flip phone and no texting. Period. I love personal letter writing and actually talking to a real person. Thats just me I guess.


Chinese restaurants with a dish called ' Happy Ending". I want one everyday. I look for it and I plan for it....not the food....but the HAPPY ENDING.. My grandad used to say to me ' never go to bed angry'. He was right.


I don't have on clue why I  am sharing this tonight, whatever but I am a person who chooses to look for the lighter side of things. I have learned that I personally , have wasted to many days looking at bad endings thats its much more productive for me to look and even plan for the HAPPY ones. I have much to be grateful for, so I will focus on that.

And with that I leave you with my HAPPY ENDINGS.......................

 I am smoke free for 4 plus years...I have an awesome husband of 38 plus years, I have 5 awesome grandkids...of course our 2 great dogs , numerous loving friends/family and this awesome community. God is Good and Great and is the very reason  for it all..

Happy Ending ?????

Yes, most defiantly

And you are all part of it