Having a hard time?

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jul 29, 2018

    It will get easier, I promise. Think of it right now as all the toxins leaving your body. That can be very draining. Drink lots of water, cranberry juice. It helps. Rest. Your body is healing. Lemon water also good detox.
When my kids were small and they took naps, I use to say they were recharging for the next up and about time.
So you are recharging. Your body is re-setting itself and getting prepared to live a healthier life smoke free. Just go with it and don't fight it. Allow yourself time to heal. Sleep when you can. Being tired is normal.
Yes sometimes it will be uncomfortable. Sometimes the hardest things we ever do for ourselves though, produce the most remarkable rewards. 

Look for that reward, expect it. Don't dwell on what the cigarettes , they gave you nothing...just a slow and miserable death sentence.

 Look instead at the new life regenerating within yourself and your soul. Replace the negative with positive.
Stay near this site, keep reading and keep blogging. We are here for you!



Stay strong and determined.

The time is now.

Take back whats yours.

Nicotine is not the boss of you anymore.



In a million years...I never thought I could have this freedom I so enjoy now.

It's time now for you to believe that YOU can.

Picture all of us now...we are all standing together and we believe in you.

Now YOU believe in you.