Foundation For A Successful Quit

Blog Post created by ShawnP Champion on Aug 10, 2013

We always say on the site to read the info the site has to offer and other links we give you.  Reading the blogs of our members gives you knowledge of their experiences. Learning about our addiction, the triggers and how to react in certain situations is equipping us for our journey. You will go through NML


( No Mans Land) days 30-130 of your quit  where your emotions run high. It's at this point in your quit, if you haven't educated yourself with the info, you could lose your quit. In all my previous quits, I never knew much about my addiction and they ended up as failures. This time I did it the right way and am still quit to this day. Be smart this time!


If you lack faith in your quit, you tend to worry, have anxiety and become more controlled by your circumstances because we aren't confident in the outcome. We  need to believe in ourselves that we can do this!



It is the mental or moral state to face fear, difficulty and to keep moving on. For example, the initial phase of our quit, where we decide to set that date and start is the easy part. But as days go on, we get a higher resistance from our body and mind.  The challenge is to get through this part of the phase. The resistance will increase but we must continue and never give up. At some point the resistance will get weaker and the going will be easier. Through this process, we become stronger.



The ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting. If you know or have those feelings that something just isn't right or you have a fear something is going to  happen that might jeopardize your quit. DON'T DO IT!! For example, if you always drink and smoke together, going to a party isn't a good idea in the beginning unless you are saying no to the alcohol. Even then, you are still in that social setting and you are putting yourself at RISK. Is it worth it?



It ultimately means the best possible outcome of any given situation. We can either lift people up or drag them down. How you react to circumstances affects other people. Everybody has an influence on somebody.  To become a more positive person, we must replace every negative thought with a positive one. Examples, I can't do this, I just want to give up = yes I can do this! I will try.  I hope I can stop smoking = I will stop smoking. We really need to reprogram our minds. This doesn't just apply in our quits but in our lives. It helps us to become a happier person.


I am including useful links below. Use them to find your own personal freedom!


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Lifelines! The keys to a successful quit!  
Lifelines! The Keys to a Successful Quit!! 
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 Things to do instead of smoke   
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Goodbye Letter To Cigarettes

 I hope you all write your goodbye letter to cigarettes and post it here, heres mine 


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Dear Friends & Family: Here's What To Expect From Me While I Quit...  


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Putting a Stop to Smoky Thinking 


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No Mans Land- Days 30-130

No Mans Land Days 30 to 130 (approximate) 


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The Version of Us 


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