Quit kit

Blog Post created by Christine_Aka_Legend on Aug 21, 2014

A quit kit are things that keep your hands and mouth busy, something that puts you in a good mood, things to keep you busy so you are not dwelling on a smoke, different ways to get support when you are having a hard time.


If you have anything else to add to this list please post it on here so others can try it and add it to their quit kit list.




How precious is your quit (A wonderful blog written by Giulia about reality objects to help you stay quit)




The Chardonnay Conundrum (A wonderful blog written by Storm one of our very wise members here at Becomeanex)


No Embarrassment Allowed! (A great blog written by Gregp136 one of our wise member here at Becomeanex)



Activities you can do to keep yourself busy instead of smoking




Relapse traps group (I highly recommend this group to anyone)




The New Daily Pledge Group



See what’s in a cigarette and see if you still want to smoke it.

What's in a Cigarette?




Binder keep copies of blogs that have made a positive impact on you


Book to read


Chrystal light


Cinnamon sticks


Cinnamon toothpicks you can find these on


Deep breathing


Emails of people that are supportive


Exercise videos


Frozen grapes ( I got this one from Dale)






Hobby have a hobby to keep you distracted


Ice chips


Lemon bit into it  (I think this one is from Dale what he tells people to do)


Links to a funny video to get you into a good mood




Meditation (You can get meditation cd's on


Other web sites you can find your friends at for support


Phone numbers of someone supportive


Puzzle book (My smartphone has an app for puzzles in google play)


Red hots


Sunflower seeds


Tic tac


Vicks vapor rub put a little bit under your nose during craves


Water bottle to keep with you all the time with something cold to drink (I like to have at least two different drinks with me when I am out I like to have more choices)


Pumpkin seeds