Lifelines! The Keys to a Successful Quit!!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Jul 25, 2013

There are a lot of new people here, and this is also a reminder for those who may have forgotten! Always remember your lifelines!

If you should have a serious craving use all of your lifelines before you smoke!

#1. Ask The Audience! Come here and tell us that you are in danger, and why! Wait 15 minutes for us to respond! Give us that opportunity to help you! That is why we are here!

#2. Phone A Friend! Befriend someone here that you feel you can trust! EXchange phone numbers with that person! If you are in a situation that you can not handle on your own, call or tEXt that person!

#3. 50/50! Make two list! The first list should be all the reasons you should not smoke! The second list should be all the reasons you should smoke! Now take the second list and mark out all of the "EXcuses" to smoke! EXcuses and reasons are two very different things! If there is anything left on the second list let me know!Keep your first list handy. Read it, if any of the "EXcuses" try to steal your quit!

This message was brought to by: The Freedom Train! "IF YOU ARE NOT RIDING WITH US, YOU ARE MISSING THE TRAIN"                  Tommy