Close Call

Discussion created by MaryRobin on Oct 1, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2019 by Exvape

Day 7 for me and I had my closest call yet with vaping again.

My colleague who sits next to me has started vaping at her desk (not allowed, but unless I told on her, no one would find out- so easy to hide), and she was using it a lot today. Then she left for a meeting, and there it was, right on her desk. 
I took a long hard look at it, and my mind was 100% committed to making a stop on my way home to the vape store. My mind said,”It is FINE- don’t put yourself through this quit; just start again and enjoy!!!” Over and over and over again..... And honestly, until I got in the car, I wasn’t sure if I would drive home or make that detour.....


Well, I am PROUD to say I went straight home, no detour to the vape shop. On the drive (once I had passed the shop by) I was relieved that I didn’t give in. That I could come home and hug my kids and still be honest and a non-vaping/smoking mom and wife. That I could come to this site and share that I stayed strong, and you all know how hard that can be in a moment like that. That I could make it, despite this nearly 25 year-old habit and addiction I have. I chose ME over it. But it was a really close call.....


Any one else have a moment they want to share about the day? To all of you who have recently quit juuling/vaping, STAY strong and choose YOU! If I can do it, so can you.


PS-Adding a shot of my daughter and me....She is one of my “living mantras” in this journey.