Day 50

Blog Post created by jtheo on Jun 7, 2018

Wow! It's really been 50 days. I do believe I've gained a pound for every day I've been smoke free. All kidding aside I've gotten HUGE!! I only have a couple pairs of pants and 4 shirts that fit me well enough to be seen in public. I refuse to buy bigger clothes!!! So I started walking. I've discovered I have extra time in the morning now I'm not chain smoking and guzzling coffee during the news. Chicago news tends to repeat its stories about every half hr so I can get a good cold glass of water..stretch and wake my old bones. Then out the door I go. I can get a mile in right around 20 minutes. I'm not huffin and puffin but my legs are sure complaining. I do the same at some point after work. It will get better with use. Who knows? I may build myself up and start running. Don't laugh...it could happen. I quit smoking didn't I? And I heard tell on the news just the other day that pigs fly...lol!