Unexpected ?gift

Blog Post created by elvan on Dec 28, 2020

I was relaxing on Christmas day, watching a movie. I got up to use the bathroom & did not realize that my foot was asleep.  When l stood up, my ankle rolled off to the side, completely touching the floor. Of course, l fell. There is a rug there so l didn’t think l had done any real damage. I got up & limped to the bathroom, l couldn’t bear any weight on it. It started to swell & discolor immediately. I elevated it & applied ice. My son wanted me to go to the ER, i refused saying if it did not improve by Saturday, l would consider Urgent Care just to get x-rays. I went to Urgent Care & they examined it & showed me the views. I didn’t really see anything, the swelling was very apparent, they gave me one of those Frankenstein boots & said l would need to wear it until l had a follow up with my PCP. They said the radiologist would read the films & i would be notified if he saw anything. The phone rang right after l got home & it is broken. I have to see an orthopedic doc next week. Wonder if it will still be 2020! Sigh.