Not a good Day

Blog Post created by dashquit52 on Jul 18, 2018

II slipped but told myself it is all right. It's not all right I want to buy a pack forget all the progress. Oh please. Don't let me buy a pack. I went out today saw so many smokers oking. Told myself it stunk and it is not good for them. I got in the car my friend was smoking a cigárette. I died and ask for one. I got home hid in the kitchen smoked it couple of times smashed out of the kitchen, I thought. I later had a terrible craving and  I broke down. I thought educate myself, so I went to bed and thought what a terrible day. I am back to normal but I have to be out Thursday,too. I hope it goes better than today. My mom use to say,"God love me". I pray others get through they're days better than I did today.