Day 21

Blog Post created by Wendyjok on Feb 27, 2018

Day 21 is here. I have really been trying to exercise more over the past week. Walking, stretching etc...I also watch what I eat more than ever! I guess not so much what I eat but HOW much I eat. I have always loved to cook and invent my own recipes and twists on food. I was so hoping that although I quit smoking I would not gain  wieght as I have heard so many people say they have.Well so far so good I must say! I have remained the same weight give or take a few ounces on the scale. I hope to actually lose some over the next few months☺. So to all of you out there that don't want to quit smoking because your afraid of gaining weight.....BS! Don't let that stop you. Keep fighting to be NICOTINE FREE!