Preparing to Quit

Blog Post created by Tyme.2.Kwit on Feb 1, 2017

Here I am again, back at become an Ex. I didn't quit last time, I just started smoking after a few hours then never came back here. I still had my password saved on my computer though. I AM GOING to quit on February 11th of this year. It's less than 2 weeks away.  There are a couple things that are different this time:  I want it more and it's less scary to me. I have a quit coach that will call me 5 times during my quit to keep me on track (through Tobacco Free Nebraska)... OMG I hope this works. Another thing, I am not going to use my family as support. They told me not to because they are tired of me saying I will quit, and I never do. But that's ok with me, I don't think they help me anyway, I think I use them as an excuse to start again... one little comment that I take the wrong way... and I smoke again. 


I think I am just going to try to make friends in this group, and my friend Krista and my daughter will be happy for me, the longer I am quit, the happier I will be. Its so cruddy of me, I know my daughter wants me to quit, I know she worries about my health, (my whole family does) and for 8 years of her life and 30 of my parents and siblings, I have been smoking anyway. 


I AM going to do it this time. I think typing in this blog will help me also...