Day 16

Blog Post created by Slowonder on Mar 24, 2020

Today is day 16. I continually appreciate people supporting each other here. The attitudes, mantras, and advice on food, exercise, and distractions have all helped me get these days on my side. I think I need to trust some other lessons people have shared here too now. Today I'm going to throw away all of the leftover vaping liquids, batteries, and charging junk that are still in my home. I don't use those anymore. My reason for  keeping that stuff was that I'd spent money on it, which is laughably irrelevant at this point. Another thing I need to do is remember to take this one day at a time, because I've been worried about the future dates when I step down on the patch. Right now I'm using the 14 mg level and have about 3.5 weeks left. Then two weeks on the 7 mg. But why worry about problems I don't have yet that might not even be problems? Or should I be preparing for those days ahead of time?