Blog Post created by Opidfght on Dec 13, 2018

Holidays are coming and I'm stressed out cause I can't breath in the cold so I shopped online and I'm  still waiting for everything to come. Hope it here next week . I have my grandchild here the week of Christmas  and they all will be wound up. And raising hell but it will be nice not to be home alone my hubby was only home 1 night this week he will be home friday night late. Cant wait til the 21 cause he took a week vacation wo t go back on the road til jan 2. On the 23 they are removing a section of my lung the waiting is killing me. Copd sucks i now understand how people say you cant breath its like breathing threw a straw. Ok well i need to get to work i will be off for at least 6 weeks or longer depending on recuperation time goes after surgury. 206 days of freedom hooray  for me.