Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Feb 17, 2020

I am going to revisit a time in my life that was not the happiest I have experienced.

It was the period when I was told exactly how "sick" I was.

From the time I was told that I was living on 20% of one artery I began to think that I was one of the walking dead.

They said that they could fix it easily.

Sure, they could fix the flow but they could not fix the damage to the muscle.

I went into surgery thinking I had seen the last of this world. 

When I finally came back to the world, I was surprised to still be here.

After several weeks of being in and out of the hospital I still had the feeling of when was I going to drop out of this existence.

I went through the denial, depression, anger and everything else. 

Was I wrong to do so?

Not really. In a way I did pass on. My old life was over.

I had to build a new life and way of doing things.

Then came to diagnosis of COPD, GERD, Barret's, and everything else.

I could have quit everything right then.

Finally a small voice spoke to me.

"Quit being an idiot!! Grab your cojones, pull on your big boy britches and straighten out."

Life wasn't over. I just had to change things to accomodate the limitations of my body now.

A little over six years has taught me how to get around things and live a life that is as full as it can possibly be.

I really hope that what I do with my life now is worthy of Creators plans.

Be well my friends and always remember ....

One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.