50 DOF

Blog Post created by Lady86 on May 10, 2017

Hello all and can I just say WOW!!!!50 DOF. Where did the time go. I honestly feel like I quit more recent than that lol. Not going to lie, it's been on and off for good days and bad days. Experiencing a whole lot of feelings that I used to mask behind a cloud of cigarette smoke.  I did have 3 puffs off a smoke almost 3 weeks ago I believe. I didn't restart my clock as I felt I did not relapse, if anything it strengthened my resolve and made me rethink and strengthen my quit kit. I avoided this site when I did succumb, being ashamed and embarrassed, now I know better that it's best to keep close here.I've always said I'd do something and never followed through, this is my first time commiting to something. I would like to thank each and every individual on here for no judgment, support and knowledge  it means worlds to me. 

Melissa xo