Day of my quit

Blog Post created by EXtraordinaire27 on Aug 10, 2018

Hi all. So I'm going to be completely honest because you know its the best policy. Late last night my son called me from his friends house. His stomach hurt and his little friend gave him some melatonin because all his brother and him were taking it. My son was scared. So I went to go pick him up and on the way there I bought two cigars. I smoked one on the way up and the next one in the morning.  Im so ashamed. Last night I remembered that I had a dentist appointment to get two teeth pulled. My husbands quit day was today too. I came home and after taking a nap My husband told me he bought a pack of cigarettes. I couldn't chew the gum and I am not supposed to smoke for 24 hours after the procedure. I did anyway. With a mouth full of guaze. More shame. I didn't stop there I smoked about 6 more cigarettes since then. So I have to research tonight when I'm allowed to chew gum again. Hopefully it's after 24 hours because the packs gone and I don't want to buy another one. Poor planning on my part. I'm starting again tomorrow. Its gym day. So I'll wake up and chew my gum while I'm headed out to work out. And I will go from there. Thankfully the women I work for can't stand the smell of cigarettes so I'm used to not smoking around her or even smoking before work. Tomorrow is another day. I failed today but that doesn't mean I should stop trying. Thanks guys! It feels good to get that of my chest. I debated whether or not to post tonight but I want to go through this journey with you all. My support system! I'm going to go and read your suggested material and pray for strength for tomorrow. I still can do this!