Day 16...

Blog Post created by Baychaser on Mar 7, 2018

It's crazy to those who have never smoked.. When they ask how im "hanging in there", my response sounds like weakness, i just look at it as the stone cold truth. I have said a few times now, to a few different people "week 2 is harder than day 2". I get the same glazed over look. 

I'm not sure why i feel this way though. I am mentally ready for this quit. I am realistic of how hard it very well may be. I am going into this quit as a marathon, not a sprint.

The cravings are constant, my tounge waters all damn day. I don't want a cigarette, i just want this craving faze to pass. I am constantly repeating "get comfortable being uncomfortable" all day it seams like. It really helps me remember why i originally decided to quit, and that this too shall pass. 


I am so humbled by how strong you must be to successfully quit. I'm sure most people start back up just to not be feeling like this for most of the day, for weeks, and/or even months. I applaud you folks who dont cave in.

I know someone will applaud my battle when im on the other side, being a mentor, helping those who want to quit.


Quitting nicotine is not for the weak. You are a bunch of powerful mined people, smart and strong enough to see this through. We were once weak, giving in to cravings without question. Not anymore!  You are strong enough to take back controll of your life. Go be #POWERFUL