WAIT !!!!!!!!!

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Oct 20, 2019

Maybe that's too many EXclamation marks but I wanted to get your attention so you would get the point.  You say your world is falling apart and you just have to have a puff.  Your mind is telling you that you need or want a cigarette.  NO!  WAIT.  Think about it.  You are stronger than a dead leaf wrapped in paper dipped in thousands of chemicals. It's just a cigarette.


Think about it.  Is it going to bring your world back together again?  Logic:  NO! 

The addiction will lie to you and say yes but don't fall for it.  WAIT! Change your Stinkin Thinkin

NO, you do not have to smoke.


Whether, happy, sad, lonely, tired, hungry, angry, anxious, depressed, sick, stressful, griefing, breakup, job loss, taxes and on and on. Logic: Can a puff from burning dead leaves dipped in poison solve the problem? Hmm, I hear you saying hmm. "Just one".  It is not the one cig but the one puff that will lead to another, 

  A wise Elder once said,

"we are only one puff away from full-blown relapse". 

The addiction to nicotine is the problem. Know the LAW! No matter what. NOPE (Not One Puff Ever). Get past it. Breathe deep and WAIT.  Of course, the thought of smoking will come but if you WAIT, in time those thoughts will be few and far in between.  No matter where you are in your journey be WILLING to WAIT.  Yes, you have to go through withdrawal but this is key...if you WAIT you will be able to stay on a forever journey of freedom from nicotine. 

Don't let the addiction create EXcuses for you. UNDERSTANDING EXCUSES 

 Breathe deep, take out your handy quit kit Quit kit and WAIT. 

Focus on something else. 101 Things to Do Instead of Smoke 

I learned to ride the wave.Surf the Waves!    It is not a fight. Let it flow and WAIT. 

Mentally prepare your mind to WAIT. 

Never give up, Never give in, hang tough, Stay close. Protect your quit.