Different Content Types on EX and When to Use Each One

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Different Content Types for Different Purposes


There are different ways you can post in the EX Community. Three of the main ones are Blogs, Discussions, and Questions. These three are all public ways of posting in the Community.


Read about each to help you choose which type of content is best for you depending on your goal. We encourage you to explore the various options as you learn and feel comfortable with them!



Write a Blog post if:

  • You like to journal or tell stories.
  • You want to keep an ongoing record of your journey for yourself or others.
  • You're not asking a question or trying to create dialogue.
  • Learn how to create a blog post



Start a Discussion if:

  • You don't have a specific question to ask.
  • You want feedback and interaction from others.
  • Your topic is applicable to many others.
  • Learn how to start a discussion


Status Update

Post a Status Update if:

  • You have something to share that doesn't require discussion
  • You want to shout something from the rooftops
  • You want to greet or congratulate someone publicly
  • Learn how to create a status update



Give a Badge if:

  • Points are optional
  • You want to say Thank You
  • You want to acknowledge their Nice Work
  • You want to Celebrate.
  • It's their Birthday.
  • You want to Welcome them.
  • You want to Congratulate them.
  • Look for Actions Menu to Give a Badge



Ask a Question if:

  • You're uncertain about something and want a variety of responses from others.
  • Other people may be wonder the same thing.
  • You're not telling a story, looking for a discussion or sharing resources.
  • Learn how and where to ask questions



Create a Document if:

  • You  are documenting helpful resources over time that were helpful in your quit.
  • You plan on making revisions to your information and you want to keep track.
  • You are sharing things about what you learned and aren't looking for a discussion or asking a question.



Create a Poll if:

  • You want to know from a defined list what EXers think.
  • You're looking for quick responses.


Video (Vlog | Video Blog)

Create a Video if:

  • You'd rather say it than type it.
  • You're comfortable with being on camera


Direct Messages on EX (formerly known as Private Messages)


If you want to share something privately, you can send private messages to other EX Community members or the Community Manager.  Whenever possible, post things publicly so that everyone can benefit. If you're thinking about something, it's likely others are thinking the same thing or have the same questions. More people benefit from responses when you post publicly.


Send another EX user a private message if:

  • You have something specific to share with a very small audience.
  • You're sharing private information with a trusted individual. Never share personal information with anyone who asks you for it through a Direct Message. Ensure you trust the person before you elect to share your personal contact information with them.
  • You need to alert the Community Manager about something other than abuse.


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