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Joining an online support community is an exciting time as you quit smoking. Knowing how to get involved isn't always obvious. It can be overwhelming and even intimidating. Our supportive community offers numerous ways to get involved.  Sometimes you have a specific question(s) to ask. Other times, you just want to tell others about your journey.  Starting a discussion offers a low-effort way to spark conversation. Tell the community or a group you belong to about your day, your struggles, your quit plan, or even a funny joke.  The topic is up to you and the community is here to help you quit and stay quit.


If you're uncertain about creating a topic, join a discussion already in progress until you think of something you'd like to share.  There is no topic or length requirement.


Follow these steps to start a discussion:


1.  Go to the Conversation page and click “Start a Discussion”


(Alternatively, clicking on Ask and Share from the Homepage tile will post in the Conversations area, too.)



2. Give your Discussion a title so other EX members know what you’re talking about


3. Say what’s on your mind! It doesn’t have to be the next Great American Novel – imagine you’re starting a conversation with a friend. Short and sweet is great! A few title ideas to jumpstart your Discussion:

  1. My smokefree vacation strategy
  2. 10 ways I stay quit at work
  3. Keeping my quit weight off


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