Why Blog on EX?

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A History of Blogs of EX


The BecomeAnEX Community has a variety of different ways to interact.  For a long time, the best way to interact with others was through blogs, so that’s where a lot of the conversation took place. 


The EX Team is excited to have a more powerful community platform that will meet your needs for giving and getting the support you need in many different ways.


If you are a long-standing EX Member, fear not! Blogs are still here, as are all of your historical posts.


If you are a new-ish EX Community Member, you might notice that some of our long-time members have a lot of blog posts. That's because we've kept their historical posts when we moved to this platform.  Some of those long-time members may be more comfortable blogging.  Others may prefer other formats such as Discussions or Questions.


Why Blog on EX?


Chances are you have read blogs elsewhere on the Internet.  Blogging can seem intimidating, especially at first, but it can also be very helpful in your quit. Blogging can be a therapeutic way to journal your thoughts and experiences you have as you go through your quit journey. Not everyone's experiences are the same. Not everyone's struggles are the same.


Your Personal Blog can be you telling your story.  As with anything you post on the Community, we hope that it gets responses, but it's not guaranteed. With all online communities, the content always has more people viewing it than it receives comments; your story helps more people than you know.


If you’re still not sure, don't feel that you need to start with blogs.  It's perfectly fine to warm up in other ways by participating in a discussion or answering a question. Now that we’ve moved to our new platform, many people are more focused on having discussions and asking questions, but blogging is still available.


Where Are My Blog Posts on EX?


Your blog posts can be found in 3 different ways:


1.   Anyone who uses the general “Search” function in the Community may find your post. For example, if someone searches “tough love” and you wrote a blog post that included that phrase, it will show up in search results.


2.   By visiting your profile and clicking “Content,” anyone in the EX Community can find your blog.


3.   Those who follow you will see your blog posts appear in My EX Feed when you post a new one.



You can see all EX blogs by clicking the link “All blog posts” under the Featured Blog Post from the Homepage.



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