This is it!!

Blog Post created by shashort on Jan 6, 2019


I was still learning life without a cigarette. I was exactly 6 months into my quit when all this came about.  The nightmare began on Dec. 13, 2016 which makes it 2 years and 24 days ago since I had smashed my hand in the car door causing  artery damage (for those who don't know) didn't know if they would save my hand or not..  It has been an hellish journey.  I have been through at least 13 maybe 14 surgeries thus far due to complications and trying to get my hand as functional as we could. And finally tomorrow will be the last surgery and will be doing carpal and ulnar repair.  Surgery is scheduled at 8 am.  Would appreciate prayers.


To the newbies we hear your struggles and know they are real.  We know you get tired of hearing it will get easier, or your doing good when you don't feel it,  I remember the struggles and frustrations as if they were yesterday.  It was especially hard trying to cope with my hand without Nico dude, my nico brain kept telling me it would make things all better.  Thankfully I knew enough not to go back to puffing away.  In reality smoking does us NO good whatsoever.  It would have not brought my fingers back whether I smoked or not.  So when you feel the struggle is real come here and talk about it.we are here to help. You are learning life a whole new way, so be patient with yourself.  What got me through the hell was digging deep within myself, found my determination and did whatever I had to, I jumped I screamed, punched a pillow, NO MATTER WHAT!! just don't smoke and keep your commiment, you WILL NOT regret it, I promise.    Also,can't say enough how wonderful, great supportive people here who listened to my struggles and they helped me through them.  Tell yourself YES YOU CAN!!  So of course I am very proud to say I have not smoked not one puff for 969 days.  WHOOP WHOOP 31 days to enter QUAD squad Yehaw.  So don't say you can't.  Believe in your self you are worth the temporay fight and discomfort.  We did it so can you.


Also on this final thought before surgery is I am so glad I quit smoking and God must have known what he was doing because the struggle to hold the cigarette while driving and holding it out the window would have been real.

Keep your quit in the positive!! KNOW YOU CAN!!