Checking in

Blog Post created by chuck-2-20-2011 on Mar 6, 2018

Hello all,

I do hope all is well with you. Just dropping a line to tell you all that I’m finishing my son’s drywall problems today and will hope to have a bit more time to interact with you wonderful people shortly! Been working twelve hour days to get his job done while keeping up with the work already scheduled.


In the meantime, I hope everyone is doing well with your quits, or preparation. I know so many here are fighting the good fight with everything you’ve got!


The thing to remember is that unlike a lot of fights in our livers, this is one worth fighting for! And in the end, the results of that trying time in our lives is nothing short of amazing!


If you can keep your eyes on the prize of freedom, and use that desire to be free to strengthen the internal argument that we all must face, then before long, you’ll be standing on the other side of your addiction, looking back proudly and knowing that your life is so much better than the day when you built the courage to take that first step on the path of freedom. (WOW! That was a long sentence.)


Stay focused on the future. That’s where your reward lies. It may be hard to get there but once you do, you’ll find a kind of peace that only a recovered or recovering addict can feel. You’ll find that freedom from addiction was worth every moment of your struggles!


A quit lives inside of us and as such it has to be a personal battle. But we’re here to take some of the mystery out of your journey. We’re here to throw you a lifeline when you need it. We’re here to not only attest to the incredible freedom that you’re heading  to one day at a time, but also to help you to calm the relentless argument within your minds simply because we’ve been there and want nothing more then to see you feel that same freedom.


Our desires are one and the same. Freedom for all!!