workers getting mad

Discussion created by andrew3 on Feb 5, 2009
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Well yesterday my dad just lost 25% of his contract pay. We still have to do the same amount of work, but with less cash. Which means one person is going to be fired today. I already know how it is, and to tell you the truth I thought he should have gone a long time ago.

However since we have less people this means more responsibility falls on me. I am a full time college student, going on two days a week, but then I work three days a week. Now every Tuesday and Thursday after my classes I am making phone calls to workers to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to, and making sure they are not getting into verbal fights with other employees at the stores we vendor for. However this is very hard not to do. The employees can be very ignorant towards us, which of course upsets people.

The only problem is we can't have these issues, because well the company we get our contracts from will dock our pay. So I started something new, every fight or conduct not productive to our company, I dock my workers pay for an hour. Lets just say they are enraged by what I am doing, but it must be done. Any other ideas on how to reward them, and punish them more effectively to get the message through to them?