Don't know where to start???

Discussion created by christine32 on Jul 31, 2008
I am a mom of three; 13(daughter), 4(daughter) and 3(son). I quit smoking 5 years ago when I found out that my smoking could be the cause of my 2 misscariages I quit right a way and got pregnant one month later bringing into the world my 4 year old my 3 year old came in to this world 13 month after that. My husband had quit smoking about 6 years before me so I did not have a hard time quiting. My husband started smoking sicagars when my son was 6 months old so I thaught it would be ok to have a cig here and there. One thing led to another and we both started smoking again. WE NEED TO QUIT!!! I am now 3 months pregnant and I cant seem to kick the habbit. He found out 5 months ago that he has emphasema he is 31 I am 32. I need all the advise and help I can get. I have made 4 quit dates but we start arguing and I start smoking.