Day One!!

Discussion created by mypalbiscuit on Oct 4, 2019
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Hi everyone! Just introducing myself today. Ive been reading posts for the last few days and I already just love this community- thank you to everyone who has shared their experience, strength and hope! It’s helped me to feel less freaked out about quitting.


I was a heavy smoker for a little over ten years. In March, I switched entirely to using a Juul, and I used it constantly- far more than I ever smoked. I work in a drug rehab facility that enables me to vape openly all. The. Time. I have started to resent any activity that doesn’t allow me to vape openly. I’ve had all kinds of weird inflammation issues since I began vaping exclusively, and I suspect the vape is the cause.


Today is my first day without vaping or smoking! I’m using the patch and gum for more acute cravings. Already my hands feel empty. That vape was always in my hand! 


Thats is all I have for now...