Want to but can't commit-Help!

Discussion created by hardtoquit on Aug 31, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2019 by debomac

I've just joined Ex. I still am a light smoker. My loved ones are mortified that I hold onto smoking. I bum or buy 4 loosies a day. In a city, its all around me. When there's no smokers around I've managed on gum and low strength patches, but weaken anytime its available, as a stress reliever and oral tool.

I simply am holding on and won't cut the chord. I enjoy those cigarettes so much yet am always filled with guilt and shame.

I had a health scare recently and thought I had cancer but after complete screening I'm fine. Yet still I've gone back to this chronic scourge.

I would love help to get strong and to help visualize being free 100% from ever lighting a cigarette.

Any helpful suggestions and encouragement are very welcome!!