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Discussion created by karenthill on Jun 1, 2019
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We'll, today is my quit say!  Last night before going to bed I soaked all remaining cigarettes (21/2 packs) in water, tore them to pieces and threw them, the ashtray and my lighter in the trash!  This morning I got up and took a shower immediately to wash the smoke off my body and out of my hair, then put a patch on. I'm washing the bedding and my clothes and I sprayed the apartment with essential oil room spray, even though I didn't smoke in the apartment. Some smoke came in through the open windows and patio door.  I quit cold turkey over 30 years ago, but couldn't seem to do it this time. Last time I was busy with kids to raise...now we're retired and don't /can't do a lot, so I get bored.  But I'm gonna do this, so wish me luck and/or pray for me!!