Vision still messed up

Discussion created by Mandolinrain on Feb 25, 2019
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So needless to say, I'm not online much lately.. Have an appointment at noon tomorrow with Ophthalmologist unless things start to get worse....then they said to go to ER. and not sure how much good that will do since the Doc I need is out of town. Started seeing  ( and continue ) seeing flashing rings of light around my right eye and floaters late Saturday night.....right after I signed off from being on the bon-fire and got up to go to the bathroom. I do not have much choice to wait because he is out of town. Biggest fear is detached retina and not catching it can cause permanent blindness, so yes, I am concerned.Meanwhile, I am staying home-quiet and not making any sudden movements. Both eyes are blurry now. Anyway, that's whats going in my world right now.  Even the office feels this is related to when I hit my forehead when I fell. Vision has been messed up since then. ANYWAY.......


I miss being active here supporting people but I will be once this is all cleared up. Meanwhile, just checking in.

I will be okay, Im just very, very frustrated. "When calls the heart". is a series on Netflix, I have been watching ( now mostly just listening to...) that has kept my spirits up. I recommend it if you are wanting to watch a show full of kindness, hope and faith. 


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