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Helpful - who?

Question asked by Giulia Champion on Dec 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2020 by Mark

Is there any way to find out who marked a response as "Helpful" when there are more than 1 on a given response?  E.g.


When you click on Helpful under outcomes (below), it only lists one person per response who found it helpful.  Probably the first person who marked it as such?  But doesn't reveal all who marked the response as helpful.


In the example above it indicates there were 7 responses that were marked Helpful.  But in many of those cases multiple people clicked helpful on the same response.  I'm interested in finding out who those people were.


The Like button, when you click on it, shows each person who liked it. 



I'm assuming there is no way to find out, given your response from this document:

Helpful Answer vs Likes – What’s the Difference?    

 In the original question there are some boxes that indicate how many helpful answers have been indicated on the topic and also the most helpful answers are highlighted out.