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Advice on patches

Question asked by Gwenivere on Oct 14, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2018 by StacyS

I’m not having much luck with finding a liveable balance with my allotted 4 cigs a day and the lozenges to equal the math of what I smoked.  The math is right, but delivery is so different.  I never smoked a whole cigarette in years, used snuffers to make them last a few times as  I found it was just what ya did, smoke the whole thing.   Now that I am using lozenges, I get spacey a lot even tho I don’t do a whole one at a time.  Same like the cigs.  I end the day now at 3.5 cigs and 6 lozenges.  Less than I smoked as far as nicotine.  


 So I’m wondering if the low dose patch is worth a try.  I have panic disorder so I am leery of anything that may hype me up and trigger one.  I’d like to hear from people that have tried them.  


I request no replies about cold turkey as I had no quit plan and am working on that as I face months ahead with the anniversary of my husbands death, our birthdays, anniversary and the holidays.  This is a time I have to get thru sanely.  I also am in constant pain from spinal problems and very hypothyroid.  On oxygen at times from a recent infection not due to smoking.  Odd bug it took weeks to identify and treat.  So my plate is full as I try and do my best.


Thanks inn advance.