Quit date today

Discussion created by bacr619 on Aug 22, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2018 by Mark

Well this fewls like my thousandth time quiting i hope i can do it support from home is lets say not great.  Well that why i am hear i have tried many methods and technics to no avail.  I have moved out of my house to do this and stay away from the negative energy there not sure if i will ever move back in but thats another story.  So day at best is sucking two packs of gum atleast 1/4 package of lifesavers.  I hate this right now but i am standing strong and will not fail myself again.  Smoking for over thirty years and i feel like i dont know how to do anything right now. My ADHD is also in extra high gear as well.  Its time to put my supossed best friend that has taken my life under his control and boot him to the curb.