Week 3

Blog Post created by mieczdj on Jul 29, 2019

Today is 21 days.  This past week has been rough.  I have had a LOT of craves.  There have been a couple days that I wasn't sure I was going to make it.  I kept thinking of all the things I have read on this site about how it will get easier.  That the craves will go away.  That my new normal will get better.  I hope it happens sooner than later but I am going to stay strong.  This community has made the difference for me.  I have tried quitting so many times in the past with little success.  I will make it this time and have a new smoke free life.  I am hoping that this week is a little easier but feel like I am prepared to face the challenges that I will face.  Thanks to all of you for your stories.  They make me feel like I am not doing this alone.  I have people who understand the struggle I am facing and have my back.