Blog Post created by jtheo on May 30, 2018

My addict is beating me up!! Telling me just one. Relax. It's making me pick fights. Have a smoke. Relax. Making drama where there is none...kick back..have a drag. You'll feel better. I feel like I'm trying to find an excuse to smoke. Feels like its getting harder to battle every day. I'm reading all I can. Surrounding myself with positive, non-smoking friends. Smoking is simply not an option!!! My days feel like a constant struggle. Don't know where I'd be without my tool box, knap sack or knowing I have places like this to come, vent and keep me grounded. I'm ending my day, freshly showered, teeth brushed, and smoke free. Tomorrow is another day! Great thing is...I don't have to deal with tomorrow until tomorrow! While it was a tough day and days, I'm grateful I'm smoke free today! Thanks to all who have gone before and paved the way with their struggles, insights and wisdom. There is no excuse to smoke just for today!