Sixty Days

Blog Post created by jonimarie on Jun 20, 2019

The time really has gone fast


I am finding at 64 years old and 60 days quit I am finally becoming an adult

I have to stop and think instead of reacting and lighting up a cigarette

This has made me a much more sane and gentler person

Now for the vast majority of the time I state my opinion or acknowledge my feeling and move on

I no longer smoke and dwell on things and let my mind wander where it has no business going


I do have a confession to make. In the early days I tried saying N.O.P.E. My response to myself was "and whom exactly are you kidding you never puffed on a cigarette you draaaaaged on a cigarette. This realization discussed me. 


Certainly still have some days where I would LIKE a cigarette. Which is different from I NEED a cigarette. Do not get me wrong as all I am canceling out the LIKE a cigarette thought as it comes but is much easier to deal with then the i NEED a cigarette.


So So So grateful for everyones Blogs and the responses people make to those blogs

These help put the pieces of the quilting puzzle together

We truly are a family each and everyone of us 

Such support one can find no where else