What A Relief!  :-)

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Nov 9, 2017

      My dad took his car in this morning to get the airbag recall done. They ran errands with the other car and when they got home about noon, he said, "You may have to take me to get my car later." This was about 5 hours ago.

      The dealership is a long ways away and traffic is horrible that time of day and there's no easy back roads because everyone is already on them. Stoplights can take 3 or 4 times to get through and the freeway is stop and go.

      And, you know how those car guys never get things done until quitting time?


      So in the last few hours I've gone from "I wonder when they're going to call" to "I wish he'd just leave it there until tomorrow."

      Time was getting close to go pick up the car and within a few minutes, I had cleared all the angst away and put myself in a place where I was willingly and happily ready to do it.

      And then, he tells me they called and he's leaving it there until tomorrow.  :-)


      I tell you this because these are the kind of moods we put ourselves into and we have the ability to pull ourselves out of it, You Do. I Do, We Do... Get inside your own head and put yourself in a better place. It's yours to do.