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After googling - saw below beautiful poems - inspire !!


Smoke Free


Stupid things to do are get cigarettes, have cigars and vape

Money don’t waste it on cigarettes

Ohhhh no don’t smoke

Kills many people every year

Everyday people also die from lung cancer

Fire can be started if you drop a cigarette

Ready to quit smoking right now

Every year the prices on cigarettes become more expensive

Every cigarette can ruin your lungs


Sean Walsh

Grade 6

Memorial Middle School



Smoke Free Poem


Don’t Smoke it’s a joke

You’ll cough so much that you might choke

It’s bad for you and it’s bad for me

Not just for us but for everybody

It puts carbon monoxide in the air

We only have one earth, so we need to care

It’s like a cloud of poison sitting everywhere

A horrible sight to see a cigarette ready to ignite

So lets not smoke am I right?


Dahlia Hedrick

Grade 6

Memorial Middle School


New year resolution - smokefree...always !