Enjoying Life

Blog Post created by green1611 on Apr 23, 2019

Day 1970 plus... without nicotine ! Life is much more enjoyable after quitting smoking habit The mind is clear, pure, and so the body. Not inhaled dangerous, poisonous chemicals along with tobacco smoke, no side drinking activities like multiple cups of tea / coffee. Life is simple, steady and pleasurable. 


There were tensions, stresses, anxious movements because of something somewhere keeps happening, few things happen in life, good or bad, but still maintained the distance from cigarette. As the days pass on (mainly from 120 days plus smoke free), it became part and parcel of life.... to avoid tea, coffee, be away from someone who is smoking, etc. It was smooth.


The change was alarming within inside. The mind is now..calm, confident. Started feeling the real meaning of life, and the vital force behind it. Some thing special !.


I pay huge respect to this group. Remembering my initial quit was like so tough, so hard, so difficult etc ....and when I got huge support from the group. 


Life goes on, but quality matters !


Thanks a lot.