Let's Do This

Blog Post created by Whimsy3715 on Feb 13, 2017

Today is the day I start with the full dose of Wellbutrin. (My doctor told me to only start out with half to make sure I wouldn't have any nasty side effects.) I've got the Quit Plan on me at all times.When I get home from a doctor appointment this morning, I'll finally be able to get my van detailed out. I've been working hard at changing my routines, checking in here, and reminding myself how strong of a person I really am. I've gone through an awful lot of ____ in my life and my survival rate is 100%. I can beat this, too! Heck, I've already made a good start by putting off my first smoke of the morning. I usually light up within 10 minutes of waking up. I've been up for over an hour now and the craving is there, but it feels manageable. I'm purposefully eating my breakfast really, really slow to put it off as long as possible . I won't promise I won't smoke today, but I will promise that I'll fight every craving with all I have.


Fifteen days until I quit for good!