Reset Monday

Blog Post created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Aug 7, 2017

Monday is the best day to help quit smoking

If you didn't like how last week, the weekend, or yesterday went for you then you have the ability to start over again. Today is a New Day! 

You can make the Commitment, take the Pledge, and stay Focused and Determined throughout the day!

You can decide right now that today you will Live Smoke FREE! Decision is the Ultimate Power!

Then as challenges come up you can acknowledge the feelings and thoughts but choose to honor your Pledge!

It's all there - right in your Brain - the prison and the escape! 

Today is a Great Day to Become an EX!

(1) Imagine being a Happy Quitter! You don't have to be there, just imagine what that looks and feels like!

(2) Fake it till you make it! - Put a smile on your face, straighten your posture and act like you feel fantastic!

(3) Become a Happy Quitter - faster, easier, more securely!

You have a stake in this and only you can do the work of Nicotine Recovery! How it goes is your choice!