After the storm

Blog Post created by TBenyi on Oct 10, 2018

Hi guys.


We are still around. We had to evacuate for hurricane Florence. Took a couple weeks to get power and just now got internet back up. We are fortunate that we still have our house. There are many who weren't so fortunate.


We were tested through this ordeal. Staying a few days in the house of a smoker before we decided to go to a motel. Then we accidently sat in a smoking section of a restaurant. We don't have those in NC anymore so I didn't even think about where we were sitting. However, we have both still kept our quits. As stressful as this whole ordeal was and it being literally in our faces. I am kind of proud of us for toughing it out.


My hopes and best wishes go to those now facing hurricane Michael. We have tropical storm warning here for after it hits. Hope we keep our power and internet and I hope that lives aren't lost.


My best friend wants to quit again. She had quit for many years but started up again. I referred her here.


I hope everyone is well.