Day 6

Blog Post created by SaraCorinne on Aug 24, 2018

Yay me!  I'm really doing this!  I had maybe 5-6 cravings yesterday only 2 of which required deep breathing but it seemed everything I said or did was off a notch or not being able to form a complete thought and if I dropped one thing, I dropped a thousand!  I'm wondering if my brain is still connected?!  I told one of my customers I quit smoking and I'm just.....just.....and she said, in a fog?  YES, THAT'S IT!  


The last few times I've quit, I kept it to myself, just in case.  This time, I'm telling everyone.  I feel like I have to tell them because they know there's something going on, something's different.  I'm still fighting the battle in my head:  Just one.  Bum a smoke from Kim or Felicia or Jeff or.......  So far, I've won this battle.  Just the thought of repeating day one does the trick.