Out of town

Blog Post created by Rsuter on Dec 30, 2019

Day 4, so yesterday I was surprised by my man friend. He is so excited and pleased with my cold turkey that I got a trip out of town. Business for him time away from the house for me, and I get spoiled a bit. The hotel has a spa and my 14 and 24 yr old girls are cleaning the house for me while I'm gone. So when I get home I have a fresh clean stress free zone to return to hopefully. I'm liking this more everyday.. So here I sit eating my omelet that I didn't have to cook on a bed I didn't make thinking what the heck was I crying about the other day... I'm feeling pretty blessed right now..and amazing enough I have not had one crave since I left the house. I did wake up at 2am and play some sudoku until I fell back to sleep about 5am. But this is not abnormal for me. I actually slept pretty good for me. Thank you to all the great supporters out there thank you for all the suggestions I am already putting them to use.