Independence celebration

Blog Post created by PrimeNumberJD on Jul 6, 2020

Independence celebration is now a double entendre for me! Yay! Our celebration began Friday and we haven't stopped moving until about an hour ago, it is now miserably hot and we are at a stand still until the concrete sets for several days. 


We repaired the drive way most of the way (no pictures yet) with asphalt crack repair and several patched spots. We will seal coat it in September as the patch needs time to settle prior to sealing. 


We tore down the decrepit park, which I'm glad my youngest didn't get hurt on because it should've been condemned a while ago. We began to build her new park, which is set in and the concrete is curing. It will have 3 platform and a multitude of activities to keep her busy for years to come. More to follow as we progress through to completion. Years of memories of us building it too (though, I imagine there will be a lot of bad memories due to me cursing, but my head pretty good and slammed a bit against my finger). 


We still found time to take out to enjoy each other's company. We all caught fish but my oldest caught the biggest of the day. She was watching my son bring in a decent size bass and didn't notice her bobber disappear. The poor guy swallowed the hook so we kept him to eat (I normally play catch and release because I don't care to take the time to clean them... but my son cleaned it).


We got out to eat, multiple people were inside and we were the only ones outside. The weather was nice in the shade and there was a bit of a breeze. My youngest had powdered sugar all in her upper lip. I had her replay scar face, ... I'm so immature! 


It really was a great weekend and great to be independent!