Depression Sucks !!

Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Aug 4, 2020

My name is Larry, and I suffer from Depressive/Anxiety Disorder.

To look at me you would never know that anything is wrong.

I have heard many times the phrase, "It's all in your head" said about those that suffer from depression and other mental problems.

They are correct actually!

You are in your own head dealing with this every day.

I use two different medications for my anxiety episodes.

However, I have to be in the anxiety state to take them.

Depression is a different story.

Every medication I have tried turns me into a zombie.

Therefore, I have no medications for that.

I use a lot of meditative type music to fixate on and weather things as best I can.

Drumming and Native Flute seem to work best for me.

They connect me with the Elders and Ancient Ones.

I don't have thoughts of suicide like I did when I was younger though.

I do have to guard against them though.

I leave these thoughts and facts here.

Use them as you will.

I can only hope that some light can be shone on this illness by them.

I wish everyone well this day.