Blog Post created by MePlus3 on Apr 22, 2017

Almost 1 week free without 1 puff at all! I'm so happy! I struggled so hard to get back on track and I absolutely refuse to mess it up again. Tomorrow is day 7 for me and Monday will make a week. With enough personal messaging, praying, and self talk Hell week wasn't so hellish afterall. I can remember 2 times where I literally sat down and reached for a "reward" but I guess that was out of habit and I don't really consider it a crave. I find joy in my freedom! I've been reading my bible alot and it have "gospel pearls" at the bottom of each page well this particular one stood out to me...

" it's the KNOWLEDGE of your liberty that the enemy wants to steal from you. He cannot take away the POWER to be free. So he tries to steal the KNOWLEDGE of your freedom"  

He can't take away our freedom unless we GIVE it to him! Nico can't take our quit unless we give it to him! 

I started to stop blogging for a while because I felt alone or looked over but if it wasn't for my ex friends I wouldn't be where I am today so I feel my blogs can help someone just like others have help me!