Good morning!

Blog Post created by MePlus3 on Apr 20, 2017

 Good morning! I see alot of good vibes here this morning oh wait.. that's every morning lol remember that dreadful day 4-5 that had me shivering in my undies? Well today is day 4 and it doesn't feel any worse than yesterday or the day before that if fact I woke up with the same confidence! I changed my mind and my thoughts followed! There's a song similar to the story of Jacob when he wrestled with the angel (Or God, or man) there's different beliefs as to what it really was anywho it goes "Today's my day, you changed my name I might limp away but I'll never be the same" that's the song of my heart today. I won't look back I won't allow nico thoughts, craves,  urges scare me or bother me because I am walking boldly in freedom! There's another song I have in my heart "into your arms I'm drawing near again to dwell with you is my only heart's desire..All I can do is fall on my knees and cry cleanse me with fire and purify my heart draw me close closer than before closer than I've ever been wrap me in your arms" when I'm in His arms nico can't touch me period can't NO evil thing dwell in His presence! So here's to day 4 being WON!